Are Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee, Jeff Flake and John McCain of Arizona, and Nebraska’s Ben Sasse the only honest Republicans on Capitol Hill? It appears so. They seem to have more testosterone flowing through their bodies than the remaining male Republican members of both Houses of Congress combined. And they appear to be the only Republicans in Washington gutsy enough to publicly take on the president. In announcing their decisions not to run for re-election, Senators Corker and Flake freed themselves of the festering stench wafting through the halls of power. Upon leaving Congress, they will be able to speak even more candidly about the irreparable damage caused by… Read More

Donald Trump’s approach to leadership appears to be as scattershot as a Jackson Pollack action painting. There is a difference. One has method. The other madness. Both men begin with an empty canvas. Both their efforts assault our senses. Both beg us to question whether we should concern ourselves more with intent versus content. Pollack once said that he could control the flow of his paintings. He noted that while there is no beginning or end to his work, nothing he did was by accident. Through the experience of creating each one he could physically and emotionally be a part of them. The results of his efforts are not indiscriminate.… Read More

Hooray for Hollywood. Actors, actresses, producers, writers, directors, executives, and those who do their dirty work are jumping up and down on the casting couch, attempting to trample it once and for all. The salacious details emerging over film producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults on actresses, writers, models, and journalists in The New York Times and The New Yorker sound as though they’ve sprung from the pages of The National Enquirer, “TMZ” or “Access Hollywood.” The facts of each incident, as reported by Weinstein’s victims, read like scenes in a bad episode of “Law and Order: SVU.” But this is no screenplay, nor is it a story about the… Read More

What happened this past weekend in Las Vegas is not, in the strictest sense, a Second Amendment issue. It is symptomatic of something deeper. There is little doubt that if more restrictive laws were in place to limit the sale of certain types of weapons, as well as devices that increase their lethality, the terror unleashed may have been less devastating.Gun regulations or restrictions, even those as benign as background checks and waiting periods, arouse divisiveness and hostility among many Americans. Emotions and fears run high, preventing both sides of the issue from honestly and intelligently sitting down and arriving at a place where gun aficionados and Second Amendment stalwarts… Read More