Imagine late one night there’s a knock at your front door. You open it. Standing before you is your grown daughter. She’s crying. Her nose has been bloodied, one eye is puffy and bruised. She tells you her husband hit her. Now, imagine your daughter’s name is Ivanka. And you’re the President of the United States. She tells you your son-in-law, your close adviser, Jared, did this to her. You confront him. He tells you he didn’t do it. Do you believe him? After all, he said he didn’t do it. What if it’s your close adviser and Communications Director, Hope Hicks? Would you believe her if she told you… Read More

He didn’t know when he first started referring to himself as the Willy Loman of dirt. Maybe it was after spending so much time treading non-existent water in an endless sea of brush and loam. It was a place unfit for human habitation or even visitation by all but the most intrepid naturalists. The dire landscape in which he was surrounded was attractive primarily to rattlers, lizards, crab spiders, scorpions, and a smattering of garoo rats. No tourists they, but year-round residents, the only ones, content to spend their lives preying upon one another, in endless pursuit of something, anything that might temporarily quench their thirst. The only constant observers… Read More

Pointing fingers is a Washington pastime. The blame game currently playing out between Republicans and Democrats has been raging over issues ranging from the treatment of DACA recipients, funds for the Great Wall of Trump, a government shutdown, the Nunes Memo, the Democrat’s response, and the success and failure of the economy since the president took office last year. Inflammatory rhetoric has been slung like manure across the aisle by both sides. Charges of obstruction of justice, overstepping the bounds of executive power, devious behavior, breaching national security and even treason have been leveled against some of Washington’s so-called best and brightest. And, in the case of House Intelligence Committee… Read More