The operative word in activist is “active.” To be an activist you must be… well, active; pro-active at times. 

An activist can’t sit in front of a computer, posting or blogging away, limit themselves to tweeting, or simply disseminate news — fake or documented fact.

 An activist must get up. They must make noise. They must do everything in their power to move their agenda forward.

 The most successful activists know a thing or two about making noise. They know that a shriek or a shout or a rant is nothing more than a fleeting sound. Groups like the NRA or those who attempt to eliminate a woman’s right to… Read More

It’s time once again for Washington wannabes to get out their resumes. There are a number of job openings in the Trump administration and, as the president reminded Americans last week, “everyone wants to work in the White House.” That may well have been so in the past, but the attrition rate for staff and cabinet members of this president calls into question the veracity of his claim. Or any claim or statement he makes for that matter. It’s no secret that more people have vacated their posts in the first year of this administration than in any other that preceded it. The Commander-in-Chief continually appears to be steering the… Read More