Every candidate for office makes promises. Only the truly ignorant attempt to keep each and every one once elected. There is a learning curve in politics. Many Republican leaders acknowledged that in the aftermath of each presidential faux pas made in the early days of the Trump administration. After the president put our relationship with fellow NATO members in jeopardy last year, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he was “willing to kind of chalk that up to a rookie mistake.” Speaker Paul Ryan was quick to excuse the president for his interactions with, and subsequent firing of, former FBI Director James Comey. Ryan said, President Trump was “new at… Read More

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out for bear. California Bear. Many believe the AG’s lawsuit over sanctuary cities in the state is one more politically-motivated attempt to prolong his life in office. Sen. Kamala Harris responded to the lawsuit by saying, “The Attorney General is playing politics with an important issue and has put a target on California’s back.” The senator is not entirely correct. While politics does come into play, AG Sessions has a philosophy. He has an ideology. He has long been anti-immigrant, especially when it comes to those whose color does not match his own. AG Sessions’s lawsuit is just the latest evidence of his perspective on… Read More

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the unintelligent Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, continues to pose a clear and present danger to America. Nunes babbles on, divulging delicate information and claiming there is no evidence to support a Russian plot to influence the 2016 presidential election and American public opinion in general despite every intelligence agency, the Justice Department, and the FBI concluding that Russian interference did, indeed, occur and is likely taking place right now with the intention of disrupting this November’s election. Nunes’s ongoing leaks of private communications and top secret intel continue with the tacit approval of his patron saints in the House, Speaker Paul… Read More

Emotionally-charged responses to the recent shooting in Parkland have demonstrated how polarized Americans are over gun control. Emails have poured in from people on both sides of the issue. One reader, a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, included a link to an article that noted “the number of teens who are dying or being injured as a result of texting while driving has skyrocketed as mobile device technology has advanced.” The subject is worth exploring because there are some correlations. According to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, legislators in 47 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have passed laws that prohibit texting while driving. Despite… Read More

Imagine late one night there’s a knock at your front door. You open it. Standing before you is your grown daughter. She’s crying. Her nose has been bloodied, one eye is puffy and bruised. She tells you her husband hit her. Now, imagine your daughter’s name is Ivanka. And you’re the President of the United States. She tells you your son-in-law, your close adviser, Jared, did this to her. You confront him. He tells you he didn’t do it. Do you believe him? After all, he said he didn’t do it. What if it’s your close adviser and Communications Director, Hope Hicks? Would you believe her if she told you… Read More

Pointing fingers is a Washington pastime. The blame game currently playing out between Republicans and Democrats has been raging over issues ranging from the treatment of DACA recipients, funds for the Great Wall of Trump, a government shutdown, the Nunes Memo, the Democrat’s response, and the success and failure of the economy since the president took office last year. Inflammatory rhetoric has been slung like manure across the aisle by both sides. Charges of obstruction of justice, overstepping the bounds of executive power, devious behavior, breaching national security and even treason have been leveled against some of Washington’s so-called best and brightest. And, in the case of House Intelligence Committee… Read More

Chaos theory has been called the study of predicting “inherently unpredictable” systems. It is also an apt description of the study of the Trump presidency. Those closest to the president say he thrives on chaos, relishes tumult, and takes perverse pleasure in stirring up conflict among advisers and associates. The president is energized by noise. While this style of management may have served him as a businessman, it has limited his ability to lead and govern effectively. President Trump’s unpredictability has plagued members of Congress, his staff, and the public. His indecisiveness is his weakness. His ability to be easily swayed on consequential matters, including immigration, by young, unseasoned aides… Read More

President Trump’s dismissal of nations and continents peopled by those who don’t share his skin tone is frightening. Equally disturbing is his ignorance of history, his inability to think strategically, and his incomprehensible approach to international relations. Nowhere is this more apparent than in his assessment of Africa. Before last week, most Africans viewed American democracy as sacrosanct. With the president’s profane words and evident disdain for people of color, he has squandered decades of diplomatic efforts in Africa which have resulted in partnerships beneficial to both its countries and ours. The strategic importance of Africa cannot be underestimated. The continent is so vital to our interests that, over a… Read More

Diplomacy is not a transactional affair. This seems lost on self-proclaimed Middle East expert and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner. The ever-increasing number of questionable business entanglements between Kushner’s family and Israeli companies, individuals, and government ministers is troubling given his directive to honestly broker an equitable peace agreement between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority. That and his lack of experience in government, politics, or international relations. On the eve of his inauguration, Mr. Trump told supporters if Jared “can’t produce peace in the Middle East, no one can,” and that he thought Jared was going to do “a great job.” Yet Jared’s only prior job experience came after… Read More

Americans who lived through the Cold War were taught that the Soviet Union was not our friend. They possessed weapons that could obliterate us with “the push of a button,” as President Trump would say. They were the scourge of democracy who ensnared Eastern Europe in an Iron Curtain. They brought the United States to the brink of nuclear war during 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis. They were, in the words of former President Ronald Reagan, “the Evil Empire.” So, why is it that in the past year, Russia – the Soviet Union’s successor nation – has suddenly become our new best friend? How is it that a former KGB spymaster… Read More