The behavior of UCLA Bruins basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill, who were arrested in China last week and charged with shoplifting a pair of expensive sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store in Hangzhou came under further scrutiny prior to their departure amidst reports that the three may have been involved in… Read More

Someone needs to cloak Mr. Trump in a copy of the Constitution. The Emperor clearly needs new clothes. Whether one agrees with the president’s political philosophy – or lack thereof – Republican and Democratic leaders must remind him that the Constitution provides for the separation of powers: the Executive Branch, the Judicial, and the Legislative.… Read More

Backroom wrangling over financial transactions between government agencies and big business is not unheard of. It is, however, suspect when it involves “no-bid” contracts. Such deals are pretty straightforward: “Our city, state…  island… has a job that needs to be done. Tell us how much it will cost and we’ll sign a contract to let… Read More

Are Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee, Jeff Flake and John McCain of Arizona, and Nebraska’s Ben Sasse the only honest Republicans on Capitol Hill? It appears so. They seem to have more testosterone flowing through their bodies than the remaining male Republican members of both Houses of Congress combined. And they appear to be the… Read More

Donald Trump’s approach to leadership appears to be as scattershot as a Jackson Pollack action painting. There is a difference. One has method. The other madness. Both men begin with an empty canvas. Both their efforts assault our senses. Both beg us to question whether we should concern ourselves more with intent versus content. Pollack… Read More

Hooray for Hollywood. Actors, actresses, producers, writers, directors, executives, and those who do their dirty work are jumping up and down on the casting couch, attempting to trample it once and for all. The salacious details emerging over film producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults on actresses, writers, models, and journalists in The New York… Read More

What happened this past weekend in Las Vegas is not, in the strictest sense, a Second Amendment issue. It is symptomatic of something deeper. There is little doubt that if more restrictive laws were in place to limit the sale of certain types of weapons, as well as devices that increase their lethality, the terror… Read More

Who hasn’t this president managed to insult or offend? In the past week, he’s taken on NFL owners and leadership for standing behind players who chose to exercise their First Amendment rights. He’s taunted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by repeatedly referring to him as “Little Rocket Man.” Invective that may very well lead… Read More

So Donald Trump thinks Freedom of Speech as demonstrated by Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players should get them fired? Of course, when it comes to his good friend, “Patriot” Tom Brady cheating to win AFC Championship games, it’s okay. Maybe it’s just good business. Like stealing money from contractors who did their jobs, but… Read More