Who hasn’t this president managed to insult or offend?

In the past week, he’s taken on NFL owners and leadership for standing behind players who chose to exercise their First Amendment rights.

He’s taunted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by repeatedly referring to him as “Little Rocket Man.” Invective that may very well lead us to the precipice of nuclear war.

In August, the president defended White Supremacists, Nativists, anti-Semites, Neo-Nazis, and the KKK. He believes they’re good people. Despite their espousing a social and political agenda that is at once undemocratic and dangerous.

Last year, he lashed out at Ghazala and Khizr Kahn, Gold Star parents whose son, Humayun, was a war hero killed in action in Iraq, because their religious beliefs don’t align with those of his base.

Let’s not forget the string of insults he hurled at rivals during last year’s presidential campaign: “Little Marco”; “Crooked Hillary”; “Lyin’ Ted”; “Low Energy Jeb.”

Most offensive are this president’s insults to the intelligence of the American people.

The president believes that by repeating time-worn phrases and outright untruths, we will ultimately accept them at face value. If he does it often enough, it becomes reality despite all evidence proving otherwise.

The president’s mounting lies will be his undoing. He cannot claim as he did a few days ago that he is making every effort to aid Americans in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. As you read this, 3.5 million U.S. citizens are without sufficient food, water, electricity, shelter, and sanitation.

Right now, parts of this country (and, yes, territories count) are suffering a humanitarian crisis. We are witnessing street scenes resembling those of Third World nations. This is the president’s latest reality show. It’s Survivor: Puerto Rico, where real human beings are beginning to die.

His excuse: Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are in the middle of the ocean. It’s hard to get there. They’re islands surrounded by water. There are no roads that lead to either American territory. Surprisingly, he didn’t pull out a map to prove his point. Though his narcissism is profound, at least he didn’t promise that he, Donald J. Trump, would walk on water to reach these beleaguered islanders next week. If he actually visits; flyovers don’t count.

Instead, he lied once more by stating that the leadership of Puerto Rico is very happy with the efforts that he, Donald J. Trump, is making to rescue their citizens. Despite tearful pleas from the mayor of San Juan, that the situation is growing more desperate by the hour. The man has no decency.

Emperor Trump has spent much of his time tweeting away as his countrymen suffer.

Juvenile outbursts, temper tantrums, and threats from the alleged leader of the free world have become the norm. He’s angry that professional athletes are disrespecting our flag, our national anthem, and our country.  Wrong. Initially, they were protesting racial inequality in America and standing in support of one of their fellow players. The flag and anthem are only symbols. Respect for Constitutional Rights is what’s real.

The president distorted the player’s actions and used them to political advantage. He believes it’s acceptable for Confederate flag-toting White Supremacists to hurl racial and religious slurs, but unacceptable for people of color to express their opinion.

He is outraged that Kim Jong Un is upping the stakes. Despite his promise to rain “fire and fury” and “destroy” North Korea. The entire episode is reminiscent of two little bully boys on a playground, out to prove who has the bigger missile.

On Wednesday, the president spewed venom at his staff, because the senatorial candidate he supported in Alabama’s Republican primary let him down by losing to a gun-toting, right-wing, court and constitution-defying extremist. The president then turned around and endorsed the victor.

How will this end? Hopefully, not beneath the blazing glare of a mushroom cloud.

The president’s loyalists will remain so even if his corruption is ultimately validated by the Mueller investigation. They have not only imbibed the Kool-Aid, they’ve inhaled it. For them, there is no truth, only “fake news.” They eat the Trumpburger with relish. No matter how offensive it may taste.

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